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Patchnotes version


Crash Fix
  • Client Crash - Fixed client crash related to the removal of items from the inventory (Glaive keys for example).
Trickster Changes
  • Skills - Fixed damage type associations and gadget target related to gadget skills.
  • Skills Adjusted:

    Double Trouble
    Gadget Storm
    Cluster Bomb


    All trickster gadgets function as expected.
    Throw now targets a location instead of an enemy.
    Heals are no longer placed on enemy targets.
    Projection Snare no longer kills the player on activation.
    Damage type is now consistent based on the skill that activated the gadget.
    Damage is now credited to the skill name instead of a generic effect name.
  • Trickster Bodyslots - Changed bodyslot levels.
  • Piercing Snare [25]~>[50]
    Restorative Charge [45]~>[20]
    Burgoning Snare [50]~>[45]
    Flashfire Charge [20]~>[25]
  • Teleport - Adjusted Skinshifter teleport ranges.
  • Movement - Enabled backwards movement for Skinshifter animal forms.
  • Bodyslots - Buffs from bodyslots now activate on Shift-in instead of Shift-out.
  • Bodyslots - Buff Duration increased to 60 seconds for all bodyslots (except for wolf which has no buff)
  • Generic - Fixed missing association for Skinshifter's Wolf form.